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            ตรวจ ผล สลาก 16 พ ค 63

            Welcome to the Arizona Office of Tourism's industry website. This site serves as the research and marketing resource for the Arizona tourism industry and media representatives. Research data, marketing plans and program information regarding the Arizona Office of Tourism's strategic program of work is available throughout this site.

            Use this online resource to learn how to work with AOT.

            COVID-19 Tourism Updates?

            Immediate Employment Opportunities

            Reopening Guidelines for Tourism Industry Businesses

            Overnight Visitation

            46.8 million



            Total Overnight Visitation, 2019

            Visitor Spending

            $25.6 billion

            Direct Travel Spending, 2019


            $3.78 billion

            Total Tax Revenue, 2019


            194 thousand

            Total Generated Employment, 2019


            $7.7 billion

            Travel Generated Earnings, 2019

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